BIM Convention, Glasgow

  • Event Finished

    One of the hottest topics in the construction industry today, is the imminent introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in England for all public sector projects that are centrally procured by 2016, with Scotland expected to follow in 2017. Many companies have already made the commitment, investing in the software, the requisite training and are applying it on selected projects.

    Others are still talking about it, around the boardroom table, whilst many others are oblivious to the opportunity or threat that BIM presents the industry. What is clear is that there is a great deal of hype surrounding the introduction of BIM. There are many “evangelists” out there promoting BIM as the panacea to transform the highly inefficient construction industry, our view is that the reality is very different from this hyped perception.

    To help bring a much-needed reality to check, the Scottish Construction Convention is hosting a BIM Convention on Thursday 22 October 2015 at The Glasgow City Hotel (formerly The Glasgow Thistle Hotel) . This event will give business leaders, from across the construction industry, direct access to other business leaders who have already embarked on their BIM journey. The comprehensive programme has been designed to enable business leaders to make informed decisions.

    They will hear first hand, what are the challenges and pitfalls to introducing BIM, what they need to know and what they need in place to ensure successful introduction and application. One thing is certain BIM isn’t going away and no progressive business leader can afford to ignore it or sleep walk into it.